Teen gamblers at risk of gambling addiction

Gambling has become a pandemic situation day by day. Teenagers are at high risk of this. Teenagers get addicted to anything very fast, whether it is drinking, smoking or gambling. In this article, we will be discussing teen gamblers at risk of gambling addiction. To save our future generation we need to understand the problem first.

Understanding the problem:

According to research in the U.S 2.1 percent of children from age group 14 to 21 are into gambling and amongst them, 6.5 percent are at risk of gambling addiction.

According to the research, most teens are attracted to gambling, because they want to become adults. At this age, there is a tendency to imitate adults and to be treated like them. So, teenagers are going into gambling.

gambling addiction among teens

The second reason is a bad friend circle. Especially students influence each other to do so.

These are the two main problems that we need to understand.

Consequences of gambling addiction among teens:

Teenagers are the future of this world. They need to be protected. For gambling addicts, teenagers are becoming rude, unsocial, and also have a risk of becoming a criminal. For gambling, teens are becoming lazy, unproductive, ruthless, and that will ruin our society. The future generation will become depressed, anxious and full of diseases.

How can we stop this:

We can not fully stop this. Only teenagers can do this. We should inform our next generation about these serious issues. We should give our children, sisters, brothers a little bit more time. Overall we can spend more time with them, discuss their problems, etc. But only they can fix this problem.  They also need to understand what is right and what is wrong. Imitating adults can not make you an adult.

I hope I can discuss this problem enough to understand it.